"Architecture as Interface" at Dallas' Zhulong Gallery


The Zhulong Gallery in downtown Dallas opened Susan Giles’ latest exhibit, “Architecture as Interface” on December 12th. The exhibit will run until January 23rd, so there’s still time for architecture enthusiasts to get out and experience the video and sculpture installment after the new year!


About the Exhibit

Giles’ exhibition features small- and large-scale pieces of sculpture that deconstruct, symbolize, and honor architecturally significant buildings from around the world. According to the Zhulong Gallery, the exhibit highlights “Giles’ two distinct bodies of work point to memory and spectatorship using architecture as its impetus.”

“At once objects to behold, and in the case of the large-scale series, Scenic Overlook, tools for viewing, Giles’ recent works articulate the multi-faceted function of architecture. Taking an additional step in the contemporary context, Giles is interested in the slippage of these powerful architectural structures into the realm of the vernacular through the rapid transmission of images of and from these buildings online.”

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