Dallas is an old and very historic city, and its beautiful, grandiose architecture is proof of that. While a stroll through the city any day of the week and anywhere in the city will easily provide views of gorgeous pieces of architectural work, there are definitely a few extra pristine spots in Dallas that stand out above all the rest.Thus, next time you’re in the city for travel or just walking around the place you’re lucky enough to call home, as the case may be, you’ll definitely want to make an effort to go and see these beautiful architectural feats.


The Perot Museum of Nature and Science

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science is definitely one of the most interesting pieces of architecture in Dallas. It features a wide, swooping design that enables it to stand out from the rest of the buildings in the vicinity. It’s a nice mix of American modern styles and European throwback designs, and, if you think the outside is beautiful, just wait until you see the inside!

Intricately designed, the interior of the Perot Museum is definitely something to see; plus, you can’t forget all the awesome artifacts and exhibits contained here either!


The Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Whether you’re a fan of football or not, you’ll undoubtedly have to admit that the Dallas Cowboys Stadium is pretty darn amazing in terms of its architectural design. Like other stadiums of its kind, it is dome shaped in nature. However, the gleaming polish of the exterior and the oh-so-casual mix of industrial design meets stylistic design is truly incredible.

This stadium basically features a bunch of designs and styles that look as though they shouldn’t go together, but somehow, almost magically, they do...in a wonderful sort of way. That factor alone makes this stadium worth a look, whether you plan to stay for a game or not.


The Dallas Museum of Art

While we don’t mean to crowd our list with museums, no list of gorgeous architecture in the Dallas area would be complete without at least a mention of the Dallas Museum of Art.

This truly astounding building features a barrel vault design that’s both classic and modern all at once. That’s not the best of the building, however; the walled sculpture garden truly takes the cake, and, undoubtedly, is like nothing you’ve seen before...even if you’ve traveled the world in search of great architecture.


AT&T Performing Arts Center Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre

We round out our list with this long-named but thoroughly unforgettable theatrical space. Visible from miles away, this sky-high building mimics New York style architecture and uses sleek lines to give it a modern, sophisticated appeal, perfect for an arts venue.

If you go at the right time, you can even see the theatre all lit up, making it look more beautiful than ever.

As you can see, Dallas certainly has no shortage of gorgeous architecture, so, whether you’re a native or a tourist, take a stroll through the Dallas streets and discover or rediscover all the architectural beauty this city has to offer.