When visiting a new city, travelers tend to want to visit locations with the best architectural designs. Amazing architecture just attracts tourists because of their aesthetically pleasing designs and the utter awe of being able to see a miraculous work of art. Dallas, Texas offers some amazing locations with beautiful architectural designs.


Perot Museum of Nature and Science

This museum provides five separate floors with 3D computer animation, simulations, and hands- on activities which provide visitors with a great look into science and technology of the future. Not only is this location a great spot for adults and children interested in Science, it also provides guests with beautiful landscape and an immaculate facility. Known as a "World of Wonder" by downtown Dallas, this building provides 180,000 square feet of beauty.


Dallas City Hall

The City Hall building in downtown Dallas has a definite unique design, which you have to appreciate. I.M Pei was the designer of the building, which was developed in late 70's . Pei envisioned a modern style for the time, and created the building to look like an inverted pyramid. The upper floors of the building are large, thus sticking out, and were made home to the offices of city officials. The smaller spaces on the bottom floors were designed for public areas because not as much space would be needed. It is a piece of architecture you must see in person.


Latino Cultural Center

This building was designed by Ricardo Legorreta, a famous Mexican architect. He was known for his use of color and light among the integration of architecture, interior design and landscape. The Latino cultural center caters to the promotion of Latino arts and culture within the city of Dallas. This is why the Cultural Center was a perfect design for Legorreta. He developed a tower, plaza, and fountain to look just like you were in Mexico. His vision helped to create a great piece of architecture that really encompasses the culture and what the center is all about.


Kalita Humphreys Theater

This building is so special because it is one of the last architectural designs that Frank Lloyd Wright completed. The building was designed with Wright's ideas of nature, keeping the building innovative for its time. Over the course of the years, updates had to be made to the theater, however it is still a featured architectural location to visit if you are in the Dallas area.


Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House

This is a beautiful piece of architecture that just pops when you pass by it. It is located in the Art District of Dallas, so it is no wonder it needed an attractive design. The entire neighborhood is known for its innovative architecture, and there are several other beautiful architectural sights to behold. Margot and Bill Winspear Opera house has a deep red color glass on the inner drum of the building, which illuminates the outside to attract visitors. Just as beautiful as it looks from the outside, the inside provides even more beauty in an art inspired area.

These are just a few of the best architectural locations in Dallas. In visiting the city, you are sure to find more that capture the eye.