Dallas Architecture Forum has had a lot of amazing guest lecturers before, but a new, truly outstanding one has been added to that list. The venue was proud to host speaker Alan Ricks, an architect and one of the co-founders of MASS Design group, in December of 2015. The event, held at the Magnolia Theater in the West Village, was very well-attended and with good reason…Ricks proved himself to be a pretty amazing guy!

For those who don’t know, Ricks’ MASS Design Group is based out of Rwanda. Its main focus is on designing and creating healthcare and educational facilities designed to have a positive impact on the communities in which they’re placed.

While Rwanda is the home base of MASS Design and one of its main beneficiaries, the organization actually works across twelve different countries. It is best known for the following world-changing projects:

·         Butaro Hospital (Rwanda)

·         The Africa Center for Peace (Rwanda)

·         The Center for Global Health (Uganda)

·         Cholera/TB Health Centers (Haiti)

What Ricks and his company do is basically architecture for a good cause! The company is unlike any other and aims to truly change the communities in which it works for the better. Its work has been so wonderful that it has received support by major organizations including The National Institute for Health and the Harvard School of Public Health.

It also must be noted that Ricks himself has received some awards for his immense contributions to developing countries. He was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and, even more importantly, regularly receives accolades from the people whose lives he has touched.

His talk focused on the many ways in which his company is changing and bettering the world and on how others can get involved with similar products and have a positive impact. Hopefully, he will be back soon to give another talk and provide updates on the exciting things he and his team are doing. If the Dallas Architecture Forum is fortunate enough to have him back again, those who wish to attend are encouraged to purchase tickets quickly since they tend to go fast when the event features speakers of this caliber.

And, for those who did miss Weeks’ presentation, there are plenty of other great speakers to go listen to at the Dallas Architecture Forum.  The Forum, which is a non-profit civic organization, regularly brings in architectural leaders to speak and has since 1996. Speakers who are booked at the forum in the near future include:

·         Iñaki Ábalos

·         Renata Sentkiewicz

·         Marc Fornes

·         Deborah Berke

·         Fred Kent

·         Meejin Yoon

·         Mark Lamster

·         Bob Harris

·         Rob Meckfessel

·         Nan Ellin

·         Don Gatzke

·         Jeff Whittington

Some of these speakers will present alone or in conjunction with another speaker while others will participate in interactive and informative panels. To learn more about the details of any events held at the Dallas Architecture Forum, visit the organization’s website or consider joining it as an individual or as a corporate organization.