Dallas Architecture Tours

Dallas, Texas is known for many things. Architecture is generally not one of them. More attention has been paid to the architecture of the sprawling Metroplex in recent years, however.

Dallas, a town that boomed in the 1970s, is full of ranch style houses from this period mixed with some teardowns turned McMansions. Some older craftsman style homes are still present in neighborhoods such as Oak Cliff and some original Tudor style homes have been preserved on the M streets.

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Dallas Arts District

Dallas is a large city and with that comes an amazing amount of beautiful and stunning architecture. One area of particular interest is the Dallas Arts District. The district is a unique 68 acre neighborhood right in the middle of the city. It’s a showcase of the cultural and artistic pursuits of the city’s denizens. Dallas has some of the greatest architecture in the United States as well as the world. Many of the buildings that dot the Dallas skyline have been conceptualized and created by award winning architects. Many of these architects have been awarded the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize that honors a living architect whose work demonstrates quality and a vision to benefit humanity through the art of architecture.

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Best Architecture in Dallas

Dallas is an old and very historic city, and its beautiful, grandiose architecture is proof of that. While a stroll through the city any day of the week and anywhere in the city will easily provide views of gorgeous pieces of architectural work, there are definitely a few extra pristine spots in Dallas that stand out above all the rest.Thus, next time you’re in the city for travel or just walking around the place you’re lucky enough to call home, as the case may be, you’ll definitely want to make an effort to go and see these beautiful architectural feats.

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5 Best Architectural Locations in Dallas

When visiting a new city, travelers tend to want to visit locations with the best architectural designs. Amazing architecture just attracts tourists because of their aesthetically pleasing designs and the utter awe of being able to see a miraculous work of art. Dallas, Texas offers some amazing locations with beautiful architectural designs.

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